Unparalleled Network of leading experts

Unparalleled Network of leading experts

We have curated a collection of partners that have globally leading expertise across topics in high demand by organizations today. Their recognized acumen makes up only part of the selection criteria. Equally important is their reliability and agility so that they can work with the rhythm and demands of all types of clients. Since we have worked with each one of them, they have been thoroughly vetted in action. Therefore, each of our client’s can be assured that our partners deliver.


Social modeling & analytics
Data analytics/management
CRM management
Organic/Paid /Search Programmatic
Data integration & modeling
Owned/External E-commerce
Marketing technology consulting
Social Organic/Paid/Listening


Content & Influencer Content
Brand/Product/ Retail Experience & Design
Brand Experiences
Experiential & Events
Sports & eSports


Brand/Product/Tech Innovation
Brand PR
Tech/Business Model Innovation
Service Model Innovation
Commercial/ Sales Route to Market
Channel Route to Market

Our Partners

PARTNERS THE CYRANOS THE CYRANOS is the Most rewarded creative boutique in europe and hispanic America. A network of strategic creative talents developing great communication ideas to solve brands issues. PARTNERS IMAGINITY IMAGINITY, is an international branding, packaging design and integrated marketing agency that BRINGS BRAND ALIVE BY DEVELOPING THEIR VISUAL IDENTITY. CIRCUS EMOTIONS DRIVEN BY DATA.
CIRCUS is a fully integrated, multicultural agency that partners with web-based clients to develop successful high-impact ideas, strategies and content
PARTNERS ORÈS Orès sets apart from the competition through its boldness and agility, making it a rising star among latest independent French agencies. Thanks to a powerful ecosystem, Orès focuses on both strategy and ideas generation handling end-to-end campaigns for prestigious clients. PARTNERS ENTROPIA Digital intelligence & tools ENTROPIA is a digital transformer that enables businesses to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. Entropia's seamless combination of services focuses on holistic growth and future-oriented development. PARTNERS EVRYTHNG EVRYTHNG transforms businesses with product intelligence. The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™ helps you run your business differently with real-time data intelligence from each of your products, end-to-end from factory to the consumer and beyond. PARTNERS LOCAL PLANET LOCAL PLANET is the world’s largest independent Media Agency Network. Focusing on Media Planning-strategy-purchasing and monitoring , LOCAL PLANET help clients seize growth opportunities globally through local excellence and expertise. PARTNERS PROPELLAND STRATEGIC DESIGN & ENGINEERING Extraordinary design can help companies transform and grow. PROPELLAND brings to life products, services, and ideas that add value to people’s lives.