Recovering the Iconicity of the Kleenex Brand


Kleenex was losing household penetration and suffering fierce competition from private label and product substitutes. To combat this dynamic, Kleenex exercised an aggressive discount strategy which jeopardized brand value and diluted brand equity. This race to the bottom needed to be stopped.

Solution: Bring back the iconicity and relevance of Kleenex

This was done via a renewed brand strategy and occasions strategy. First, we repositioned the brand and injected it with a powerful purpose. To do this we focused on a value that was rooted in the brand’s heritage and was highly relevant to today’s customers – caring. Then we actioned this through the different product divisions to inform innovation, marketing, and communications. Secondarily, we grounded Kleenex in new occasions that reflected evolving customer behaviors. Our focus was to encourage product usage in new moments to generate new habits and rituals.




Activation in the US and Canada led to notable increases in customer engagement, growth in purchase intent, and a top-scoring communications campaign (Made For Doers).