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“"Insanity. Try the same
things over and over again
expecting different results"

Albert Einstein
We are not consultants. We are experts with proven track records in our fields. We help corporations get better results through better marketing.
Top Line Marketing

Slide So, We are better, faster and with broader field experience than most consulting or traditional agencies. We deliver unconventional end to end marketing solutions with high ROI for your business. why Top Line Marketing? Slide So, If your strategies and/or your executions are lagging behind, your Brands are losing relevance, you are forced to cut your marketing investment year on year, and if you are not satisfied with your marketing ROI… Then, you might want to stop trying the same conventional approach over and over again when Top Line Marketing?
We learned in the field
We are field managers. We have large international experience across FMCG industries in the most demanding environments.
This is the team
Pedro Mir Co-Founder and Partner
Javier Sánchez Lamelas CEO
Jonathan Lawlor Partner and General Manager Middle East & Africa
Guido Rosales Co-Founder and Partner
This is what we think

Strategies are meant to achieve objectives


Driving Brand value (and capturing it) is at the core.


Brands are values, feeling and emotions (that create desire).


Target groups are not always obvious


Mind who makes the call.

This is our Operating Manual

‘The Heart & The Brain Of Marketing’ exposes the marketing secrets behind two of the world’s most exciting global machines, P&G and Coca-Cola, and how you can apply them to your brand. The book explores the core beliefs and principles necessary to evolve marketing across cultures and fast-changing environments.

The author was part of a team of outstanding individuals and agencies that generated better, faster and more effective marketing on an unprecedented level. Through a combination of research, theory and real-life experience, Lamelas explains why and how marketing works, and offers a proven framework to help you master your own marketing strategy.

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Phone Number: +447557 255733


Av. Diagonal 399, principal
08008 Barcelona, Spain
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